Developer notes


Python is required for ReJSON's module test. Install it with apt-get install python. You'll also need to have redis-py installed. The easiest way to get it is using pip and running pip install redis.

The module's test can be run against an "embedded" disposable Redis instance, or against an instance you provide to it. The "embedded" mode requires having the redis-server executable in your PATH. To run the tests, run the following in the project's directory:

$ # use a disposable Redis instance for testing the module
$ make test

You can override the spawning of the embedded server by specifying a Redis port via the REDIS_PORT environment variable, e.g.:

$ # use an existing local Redis instance for testing the module
$ REDIS_PORT=6379 make test

Making the docs

  1. You'll need mkdocs, install it with: pip install mkdocs
  2. You'll also need the theme so: pip install mkdocs-material
  3. To serve locally do: mkdocs build && mkdocs serve
  4. To upload to GitHub Pages do: mkdocs gh-deploy